RE: OpenAthens doppelgänger ?

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It looks like you're using an OpenAthens WAYF and that result is not unexpected.

If you use something more generic:
then you will see both results and I guess a user would know which one to select.

But if one of them *shouldn't* be asserting the domain, the domain should be removed from the metadata.

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The displayNames of the two service providers are quite distinct and unlikely to be confused:
Alaska Medical Library v, University of Alaska Statewide System

I'm not that concerned about users choosing the "wrong" IdP in discovery.
I am concerned about the inference (from the AML entityID using a University of Alaska URL) or claim
(via the asserted scope in AML's metadata) to provide authoritative assertions about "<>" by AML's IdP in OpenAthens.

You can find the AML IdP asserting a scope for University of Alaska via OpenAthens or<>

In OpenAthens:



Elsevier B.V. Registered Office: Radarweg 29, 1043 NX Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Registration No. 33158992, Registered in The Netherlands.
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