OpenAthens doppelgänger ?

Nicole Roy nroy at
Fri Dec 3 22:36:17 UTC 2021

David, where are you seeing this metadata published?

Thank you,


On 3 Dec 2021, at 15:27, IAM David Bantz wrote:

> I haven’t been paying enough attention to OpenAthens. I just realized there
> is an OpenAthens federated identity provider from a for-profit organization
> with an entity ID and scope referring to my institution. That seems to mean
> that consumers of information from the OpenAthens IdP may conclude,
> informally from the entity ID, and more correctly based on the scope, that
> the assertion is about a member of my institution. As I say, I haven’t paid
> enough attention to OpenAthens, so maybe I need some ’splaining, but this
> seems to me wrong on many levels. Is it? How concerned should I be?
> <md:EntityDescriptor … entityID="”>
> …<shibmd:Scope regexp=“false"></shibmd:Scope>
> <EntityDescriptor … entityID="">
> … <shibmd:Scope regexp="false"></shibmd:Scope>
> David St. Pierre Bantz
> University of Alaska ( !)

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