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Hi David,

OpenAthens is quite concientious about these things and I suggest you contact them directly. Either your library/someone subscribed to OpenAthens withut your knowing or there's some kind of mistake, which then must be corrected.

As for multiple entries with the same name in WAYF (assuming they're real IdPs and not errors), there's a working group (yay!) trying to address that, in case anyone wants to join and/or contribute, here's the charter:
and please let me know (or Heather directly).

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* Wessel, Keith <kwessel at> [2021-12-04 00:18]:
> Yes, Sir, as the metadata states, OpenAthens has permission to assert
> to SPs.

Which begs the question Who gave OpenAthens permission to assert for anything they publish? This web site I found
mentions the metadata URL and that metadata does not contain any MDRPI extension information. So there's no reference to the applicable registration policies and practices, where I'd expect to find statements detailing the legal/contractual basis that ultimately allows for the creation of such metadata.

So yeah, I'd fully expect people to freak out if something like that ever happend here.

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