Shibb IDP upgrade from V3 to V4 at Diff Path

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Thu Nov 26 11:22:40 UTC 2020

> When ever I run the windows installer for upgrade, I am not asked for the path and I think the installer try to upgrade on the
default location and then rollback.

This sounds like a bug.  If you put a case into JIRA I'll get to it.  In the report make sure that you include the value of 


I have to say that I'm super suspicious of the paths since the windows installer has 32 bit components so having it in "Program
Files" is a bit weird.

Meanwhile you might get some mileage by setting INSTALLDIR on the command line 

	msiexec /lvm log.log Installer.msi INSTALLDIR= D:\Program Files\Shibboleth\

But to be honest if you are managing your own container you are probably best to just ignore all the msi nonsense and do a manual
install from an unpacked  distribution[1]


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