Passing attributes to the request header

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sat Sep 7 08:45:04 EDT 2019

* Kiem Nguyen <kiemnguyen at> [2019-09-07 06:06]:
> Upon logging in, it redirects me to

"It" being your own code or application, then.

> I also enable the shibboleth headers on my protected location:

In many cases this is unneeded.

> I tried to look for the attributes in the request header responses
> using IE and Chrome developer tool, but I couldn't find any
> attribute in the header responses.

Looking at HTTP request headers your *browser* sends *to* the web
server cannot possibly show data set by the web server.
I.e., they cannot be where you're looking for them.

They would be in request headers sent by/from the web server but the
web server does not send *request* headers to your browser, only
response headers.

> Could anyone please show me how to pass attributes to the request header?

The configuration snippet seemed fine.

> My web service and app service are in two different servers.

I don't know what this means (I'm not aware of either term having a
sufficiently precise meaning) but you may want to loo at


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