Passing attributes to the request header

Kiem Nguyen kiemnguyen at
Sat Sep 7 00:05:32 EDT 2019

Hi everyone,

I have installed and configured a Shibboleth SP 3.0.4 version to work with
our IdP.

Upon logging in, it redirects me to
and I'm authenticated to access my application.

When I go to https// I can see all
attributes which I mapped in the attribute_map.xml.

I also enable the shibboleth headers on my protected location:

<Location />
    AuthType shibboleth
    ShibRequireSession On
    ShibUseHeaders On
    Require valid-user</Location>

I tried to look for the attributes in the request header responses using IE
and Chrome developer tool, but I couldn't find any attribute in the header

Could anyone please show me how to pass attributes to the request header?
My web service and app service are in two different servers. I would like
to send the attributes to the app service. Thank you and I really
appreciate your help.
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