Passing attributes to the request header

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sat Sep 7 08:55:58 EDT 2019

* Peter Schober <peter.schober at> [2019-09-07 14:45]:
> * Kiem Nguyen <kiemnguyen at> [2019-09-07 06:06]:
> > I tried to look for the attributes in the request header responses
> > using IE and Chrome developer tool, but I couldn't find any
> > attribute in the header responses.
> Looking at HTTP request headers your *browser* sends *to* the web
> server cannot possibly show data set by the web server.

I think your confusion is already obvious from your use of "request
header responses" -- what exactly should those be? It's either a
request (from the client to the server) or a response (from the server
to the client) header.

>From the documentation it's clear the software only sends the data in
request headers (not response headers: it doesn't send the data to
your web browser). So you'd have to look at the headers when the web
server is acting as the client, sending the data as request headers to
*another* server.
As the documentation makes clear this is not a recommended deployment
method, though.

If you provided technical descriptions of your application deployment
maybe we could suggest ways to integrate the software.

(E.g. assuming it's a client-side javascript application running in
the browser you'll find that trying to secure client-side code with
server-side software is not an easy undertaking.)


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