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Sat Oct 19 05:03:01 EDT 2019

Please keep replies to the list.
(Answers below.)

* Landry BIAO <iloumon53 at> [2019-10-18 20:01]:
> Le ven. 18 oct. 2019 à 15:41, Peter Schober a écrit :
> > * landry <iloumon53 at> [2019-10-18 15:19]:
> > > I'm running on Ubuntu and I can not find the shibboleth version that can
> > > help me get my result.
> >
> > You intend to install and configure the Shibboleth IDP software on
> > your chosen OS, Ubuntu Linux? (What version, btw, the latest LTS
> > 18.04?)
> At least the latest version of ubuntu is 19.04.

I wrote "latest LTS" release above.

> For shibboleth idp I want to use the latest version 3.4.6 on ubuntu
> 16.04.

Lucky for you I still haven't updated my own documentation for running
the Shibboleth IDP on Debian (other than adding these notes, as those
exact same instructions (written for Debian 9) also apply to Ubuntu
16.06 LTS, with one sole exception which is called out in the text:

Following those (latter) instructions step by step should get you up
and running with minimal fuss as I have made all the deployment
decisions for you.

If you'd rather do things differently or have differing requirements
the official Shibboleth IDP installation instructions which I already
pointed you to earlier will have you covered.


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