Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Oct 18 10:41:42 EDT 2019

* landry <iloumon53 at> [2019-10-18 15:19]:
> Hi guys. I hope I do not disturb you, I need help. I would like to set up a
> one-factor two-factor authentication system using shibboleth for a business.
> I'm running on Ubuntu and I can not find the shibboleth version that can
> help me get my result.

Can you elaborate? It's unclear to me what you are asking.

You intend to install and configure the Shibboleth IDP software on
your chosen OS, Ubuntu Linux? (What version, btw, the latest LTS
There's only one supported IDP version and that's the current
release. (Once a new release is out that will be the only supported

Here's the start of the installation documentation for you:
There are many deployment decisions that will influence how exactly to
configure the integration with the Java servlet container and web
server, though.
Since systemd has meanwhile grown features to set POSIX capabilities
the old "IdPLinuxNonRoot" page in the wiki could use some love. I'll
see what I can do about that.

Only once you have the IDP up and running within a TLS-enabled web
server should you look at more advanced topics such as 2FA/MFA.


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