profileRequestContext.getSubcontext in error.vm

David Huebner david.huebner at
Wed Sep 12 11:27:41 EDT 2018

Disclaimer: I've probably never fully understood how velocity and 
passing over variables to velocity works.,.
Anyways, I'm experiencing the following, which I do not understand.

The following works:

I define a new flow, which passes over a custom subcontext to velocity:

<view-state id="DisplayErrorPage" view="myflowError">
result="viewScope.myContext" />

And print something in the template:


The following does not work:

I want to print the same value in error.vm. According to the wiki 
profileRequestContext should be available there:


It simply prints the entire thing, as if the variable does not exist in 

What's the difference? How can I get this to work in error.vm?



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