embedded database for IDP storage service

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Thu Sep 6 14:24:15 EDT 2018

* Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at osu.edu> [2018-09-06 19:48]:
> I can only say that the *error* is just that you're setting a
> property by name that isn't valid

Yeah, trying other (non-existing) properties gave the same error, but
I didn't follow through based on that.

> so based on which pooling class you happen to try, you'd have to
> look at the Javadocs for that class and see what it supports. None
> of them are the same, so it just doesn't happen to be the name you
> tried for the connection URL.
> I think that one is just "url" (the method is labeled setUrl so that
> usually translates into a property named "url").

Thanks, that at least allows Tomcat so start now, with either of the
three classes I tried so far:

I probably would not have realized that myself.

> For initial testing, I wouldn't bother with pooling and get it
> working with the native database driver initially and then you can
> add a pool.

If I knew how I'd certainly have tried that. All the examples I looked
at used a cp so that's what I tried to get working, to minimize error
sources of getting some bean wrong.

> Generally I would *not* rely on a pooling class from some jar that
> happens to come with Tomcat, or at least I would copy the jar into
> the built war for the IdP so it's explicitly available to the IdP
> and not dependent on the container's classpath. The jars there are
> for defining JNDI data sources in the container layer.

ACK. I initially did that but since it didn't make any differences in
my tests I removed it again from the war. Once I know what to use and
what works I'll do that.

Thanks again,


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