TestShib now Unmaintained by Kevin and Nate

Nate Klingenstein ndk at sudonym.me
Thu Sep 6 11:21:35 EDT 2018


We've been looking to build a better TestShib since its inception, but it's
fallen into disrepair.  It's still running Shibboleth IdP and SP 2, for

Internet2 has chosen to maintain ownership of the testshib.org domain for a
future, different kind of service of their own.  Kevin and I feel that a
service like TestShib still has value to the community.

So, we have built SAMLtest:


It's the beta edition of a new SAML testing service running the latest
release of Shibboleth, both 3.x, with a clean interface.  It should be
fully functional, but please pardon any sawdust.

It also supports logout(SAML and local/return URL redirect) both at the SP
and the IdP, the new standard SAML subject-id, Dan Malone's great
AuthnRequest tool, and a host of other new features.

We will be adding some more useful tools, but we will keep the basic
experience as simple as possible.

SAMLtest will be maintained with more diligence that testshib.org had.

We had hoped to wait to send out any announcement until we had finished
more skinning, but TestShib is apparently clogged, and I want to be sure
everyone can keep testing Shibboleth installations so your projects stay on

We hope you will try the new service and find it useful.  All feedback is
welcome and we will be responsive both here and at a dedicated contact
address for support issues rather the Shibboleth users' list.


Thanks for your support,
Nate & Kevin.
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