embedded database for IDP storage service

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 6 13:46:32 EDT 2018

I can only say that the *error* is just that you're setting a property by name that isn't valid, so based on which pooling class you happen to try, you'd have to look at the Javadocs for that class and see what it supports. None of them are the same, so it just doesn't happen to be the name you tried for the connection URL.

I think that one is just "url" (the method is labeled setUrl so that usually translates into a property named "url").

For initial testing, I wouldn't bother with pooling and get it working with the native database driver initially and then you can add a pool. Generally I would *not* rely on a pooling class from some jar that happens to come with Tomcat, or at least I would copy the jar into the built war for the IdP so it's explicitly available to the IdP and not dependent on the container's classpath. The jars there are for defining JNDI data sources in the container layer.

-- Scott

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