TestShib now Unmaintained by Kevin and Nate

Nate Klingenstein ndk at sudonym.me
Thu Sep 6 17:56:42 EDT 2018

I've received a few follow-on questions, so just in case others are

There was no prior announcement of SAMLtest broadly because I wanted to
make sure the service was stable enough for production use before any real
testers came by.  Along with some help from the team, I was in the latter
half of beta testing it out myself as if I were a user.

When TestShib broke, I felt the best thing I could do for the community was
to open up the beta.  Above all, I don't want the cadence of Shibboleth
deployment to stumble for lack of providers to test against.

There will be rare announcements about SAMLtest on the users' list as we
add more features.  Some really neat ideas have been percolating to
ultimately help you get the most out of your Shibboleth deployments, and
we're going to have a great time building them.

Take care,
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