attributeID with upper/lowercase value is not transmitted to SP

sshabbir sshabbir at
Wed Jul 18 06:03:02 EDT 2018

The fix was to ensure the map entries are the right way round (school-boy
error!) in the mapping strategy bean entry. So, with below, the "key" is the
sql resultset column name, and "value" is the attribute name.

    <bean id="icsmappings"
        p:noResultAnError="true" p:multipleResultsAnError="true">
        <property name="resultRenamingMap">
                <entry key="orgid" value="orgId" />
		<entry key="email" value="email" />
		<entry key="first" value="first" />
		<entry key="last" value="last" />
		<entry key="identityid" value="username" />

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