Can't find attribute REMOTE_USER value in https request

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Tue Jul 17 15:46:01 EDT 2018

I seem to successfully log in using my SP and IdP.  I get redirected back to my application. A shib cookie is defined. I dump the environ variables (and all other data structures) from the http request and REMOTE_USER is not defined. I then use the same browser window and check the session with the SSO and my variables are displayed.

I am using Apache and Shib SP for SSO, and Flask/uwsgi to serve my application.

REMOTE_USER is defined in <ApplicationDefaults> in the shibboleth2.xml file. It has 4 values associated with it, and all were displayed as expected when I checked the Session.

In short, everything seems to be working really well otherwise.  I see no errors in the logs.

There are plenty of postings about the difficulties with REMOTE_USER but few resolutions.

Any hints on what I could look for?

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