question regarding and multiple integrations

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Oct 26 11:29:19 EDT 2017

* Robert Rust <robert.j.rust at> [2017-10-26 17:23]:
> My apologies for likely not using the correct terminology, but I
> noted that the example in the docs for setting up multiple Duo
> integrations utilizes a presumably arbitrary “idp.specialduo”
> variable prefix/namespace in addition to the standard “idp.duo”.  I
> seem to recall a discussion a few months back about arbitrarily
> adding something like that due to the potential for collisions.

The project probably needs to reserve the right to introduce new
properties in the 'idp.' "namespace". So if you want to make up your
own properties just don't have them start with "idp.".

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