Shibboleth IdP message properties now available in 7 languages

Lukas Hämmerle lukas.haemmerle at
Wed May 18 04:47:13 EDT 2016

Dear Shibboleth IdP Admins

This is just a brief status update on the translation work for the
Shibboleth Identity Provider v3 message properties files that was
initiated end 2015.

Since then translations were contributed for the following languages:

* cs - Czech
* de and de_CH - German
* es - Spanish
* fr - French
* el - Greek
* it - Italian
* sv - Swedish

Thanks to the following people and their organisations for their
valuable contributions:

* Jan Oppolzer, CESNET, CZ
* Jan Tomášek, CESNET, CZ
* Martin Haase, DAASI, DE
* Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCH, CH
* Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH, CH
* Emilio Penna, Universidad de la República, UY
* Anass Chabli, RENATER, FR
* Mehdi Hached, RENATER, FR
* Olivier Salaün, RENATER, FR
* Ioannis Kakavas, GRNET, GR
* Davide Vaghetti, GARR, IT
* Pål Axelsson, SWAMID, SE

*If your language is not in the list above, help us adding it*
It's less than 140 strings that have to be translated but once done, you
have saved a lot of work for other Shibboleth IdP administrators in the
same language region.

Get involved on:

Best Regards

Lukas Hämmerle, Central Solutions
Werdstrasse 2, P.O. Box, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland
phone +41 44 268 15 05, direct +41 44 268 15 64
lukas.haemmerle at,

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