Heads up to V3 message translators

Lukas Hämmerle lukas.haemmerle at switch.ch
Wed May 18 11:01:46 EDT 2016

On 18.05.16 14:50, Cantor, Scott wrote:
>> That would be excellent because it would save deployers quite some
>> work (at least for those whose language was already translated by
>> volunteers, see [1]).
> Right, I was hoping the annoyance of having to recombine the files
> and maintain the old and new layouts would be offset by us just
> including whatever is available at the time of each release.

Great. So, I'll motivate some more colleagues to spin up the translation
engines :-)

> We can provide a deadline once the release schedule is known and
> we'll pull in whatever is made available at that point.

A deadline always helps motivating people.

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