Determining ptional vs. required attribute on the consent page?

Tom Zeller tzeller at
Fri Apr 1 14:04:19 EDT 2016

> Is there any way, when displaying attributes from the attributeReleaseContext on the consent page, to tell if a given attribute is required or optional for the given service provider based on <md:RequestedAttribute> tags?

Don't think so. I wonder if it was in uApprove...

> If not, seems like it would be a nice feature for per-attribute consent. I can't see turning on per-attribute consent if a user doesn't know which attributes a service must have vs. those that would just allow for added functionality. The information from the metadata is probably several layers abstracted from the list of consentable attributes passed to the velocity template, but this, if possible, would be a nice feature to have, IMHO, if it's not possible now.

Sounds reasonable and interesting. Feel free to create an issue.

My first thought was : how to attach metadata to an attribute for display ? I imagine that's well-trodden ground.

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