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Andranik Hayrapetyan andranik.h89 at
Sat May 16 07:48:24 EDT 2015


I use Shibboleth IDP v 2.4.0 and Shibboleth SP 2.5.4 on my Linux servers.
The login works just fine. And now I want to implement Logout.

In my SP configuration file (shibboleth2.xml) I have the following for
<Logout>SAML2 Local</Logout>

And it works, but redirects the user to a page on IDP that says that it is
an example page etc.

The question is, how can I redirect the user to a custom page after logout?
Or at least how can I customize the page on ID where the user is redirected

I have tried to edit the
file shibboleth-identityprovider-2.4.0/src/main/webapp/logout.jsp  and
install IDP again, but it does not change anything. After logout I am being
redirected to the same example redirect page.

So what can I do ?

Thanks in advance.
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