Integration of Discovery Service

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed May 6 12:07:44 EDT 2015

Now long past being on-topic for this list, but attempts to move
ongoing discussions are usually futile... So:

* Tom Scavo <trscavo at> [2015-05-06 18:01]:
> If I were involved in any of those software projects, I would be wary
> of architecting and developing a bunch of new discovery capabilities
> since the prevailing discovery model might be blown out of the water
> as per-entity metadata catches on.

Is that the point where federation operators start creating and
distributing JSON (or yaml or whathaveyou) "metadata", specifically to
allow SPs to keep presenting a list of IDPs?

Or is this the point where federation operators get out of that
business and leave it to SPs to create that? Punting that work to
producers of metadata aggregates wasn't the best idea to begin with
(as that only created the problem of one aggregate not satisfying any
specific SP's wishes for a curated list of IDPs in the first place.)

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