Integration of Discovery Service

Tom Scavo trscavo at
Wed May 6 12:00:34 EDT 2015

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 11:25 AM, Chris Phillips
<Chris.Phillips at> wrote:
> Use cases to illustrate this are:
> - Have a Discovery service of only those IdPs supporting the R&S category
> to be used by Services Supporting R&S. (could be any category actually)

I know of multiple R&S SPs in the InCommon Federation that already do
this (LIGO being one), and they do it using the EDS built into the
Shib SP, which has strong filtering capabilities.

> - Regional groupings for a specific province/state to only show the IdPs
> within said region for services for that region.  This can easily be done
> by a Federation assigned and marshalled entity category (e.g. inCommon-NJ
> or CAF-Ontario)

But you don't need a CDS to do that, as the R&S SPs have shown.

> Where would could one execute on this?
> In the CDS codebase along the lines of Shib v3 velocity style templates
> maybe?
> In the EDS codebase relying on a sophisticated SP installation v-hosted
> per entity category to accomplish filtering?
> In the PHP codebase based on SWITCH's approach?
> In the DiscoJuice Model?

If I were involved in any of those software projects, I would be wary
of architecting and developing a bunch of new discovery capabilities
since the prevailing discovery model might be blown out of the water
as per-entity metadata catches on.


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