Integration of Discovery Service

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue May 5 21:10:01 EDT 2015

* Scott Koranda <skoranda at> [2015-05-06 03:02]:
> On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:
> > On 5/5/15, 7:00 AM, "Peter Schober" <peter.schober at> wrote:
> >>I'd still rather deploy a Shib SP with the EDS specifically for the
> >>purpose of providing a "fallback" central DS than run the CDS.
> >>Or use Lukas' SWITCHwayf.
> >
> > We think so too, that's why we're pretty much ready to kill the
> CDS as part of the V2 EOL. If that panics anybody, particularly any
> consortium members, now's a good time to yell.
> I would not use the word "panic", but LIGO (a small consortium member)
> is preparing right now to roll out the CDS into production.
> While the EDS (at each SP) has worked well for us technically, our
> users have come to us and asked that we deploy a centralized discovery
> service instead. The Shibboleth CDS appeared to be the best choice at
> the time we decided to move forward.

You seem to have discounted (and/or misunderstood) my and Scott's
comments wrt using the EDS /as/ as CDS: Just slap a Shib SP on a box
(to do the heavy metadata lifting and filtering, not to protect any
content) and let that feed JSON to a copy of the EDS.
"CDS" done, no Java, enjoy.

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