Procedure to update from SP 2.5.2 to SP 2.5.5

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>>I am responsible for a couple of Shibboleth Service Providers. We are currently running version 2.5.2. These are on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and I was unable to use the package manager for installation. I built the SP from source.
>That's tricker in some ways I guess, but less in others. A make install has really never been destructive even going as far back as 1.x, and certainly not across any 2.x update. So in that sense, there's really nothing much to worry about.

Of course, using the packages would also be much better, but it's also going to be a fair bit of work to try and migrate to that, since that's essentially this:

>You should most definitely *not* install somewhere separate and then try and transplant. If you do that, you'd need to know enough to not need to ask the question. Much more work and guaranteed to break something.

But that said, note that you don't have to use the package manager to use the packages. SUSE doesn't actually use yum like RH does, and a separate repo definition for yum could be used separately from the yast2 tool to maintain the packages and at least get cleaner updates.

You also have to bear in mind that a newer SUSE box is systemd based, and that entails changes to how the shibd process is handled if you want fully correct start/stop behavior, so that's also a change specific to the latest version, though it's not a mandatory one exactly.

-- Scott

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