Procedure to update from SP 2.5.2 to SP 2.5.5

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Fri Aug 28 12:54:58 EDT 2015

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>I am responsible for a couple of Shibboleth Service Providers. We are currently running version 2.5.2. These are on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and I was unable to use the package manager for installation. I built the SP from source.

That's tricker in some ways I guess, but less in others. A make install has really never been destructive even going as far back as 1.x, and certainly not across any 2.x update. So in that sense, there's really nothing much to worry about.

>I would like to update to the latest version. I poked around on, but didn't find any documentation for the procedure to perform this minor version update. All I found was a guide for upgrading from 1.3.X to 2.5.X.

A source build is installed with "make install" and everything else is essentially out of scope (e.g. how you handle shibd startup, what account it uses, restarting processes after update, Apache integration), so there isn't anything much to document, any more than with any make-based software. It's all treated as understood by a person doing source builds (you have to restart affected processes, that kind of thing).

>Do I simply make a new build, and then restore the following files that contain my local configuration?

A make install over top won't overwrite any of that. You should most definitely *not* install somewhere separate and then try and transplant. If you do that, you'd need to know enough to not need to ask the question. Much more work and guaranteed to break something.

-- Scott

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