Procedure to update from SP 2.5.2 to SP 2.5.5

Ken Weiss ken.weiss at
Fri Aug 28 13:58:54 EDT 2015

As always, Scott, thanks for the prompt and clear answer.

I was not totally clear regarding my issue with the package installation.
For a variety of reasons too convoluted and political to get into here, I
do not have root access to my servers. The issue isn't the package manager
per se, it's the fact that I'm not allowed to run it. So I'll do a fresh
source build and a 'make install' as you suggested.


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>>>I am responsible for a couple of Shibboleth Service Providers. We are
>>>currently running version 2.5.2. These are on SUSE Linux Enterprise
>>>Server, and I was unable to use the package manager for installation. I
>>>built the SP from source.
>>That's tricker in some ways I guess, but less in others. A make install
>>has really never been destructive even going as far back as 1.x, and
>>certainly not across any 2.x update. So in that sense, there's really
>>nothing much to worry about.
>Of course, using the packages would also be much better, but it's also
>going to be a fair bit of work to try and migrate to that, since that's
>essentially this:
>>You should most definitely *not* install somewhere separate and then try
>>and transplant. If you do that, you'd need to know enough to not need to
>>ask the question. Much more work and guaranteed to break something.
>But that said, note that you don't have to use the package manager to use
>the packages. SUSE doesn't actually use yum like RH does, and a separate
>repo definition for yum could be used separately from the yast2 tool to
>maintain the packages and at least get cleaner updates.
>You also have to bear in mind that a newer SUSE box is systemd based, and
>that entails changes to how the shibd process is handled if you want
>fully correct start/stop behavior, so that's also a change specific to
>the latest version, though it's not a mandatory one exactly.
>-- Scott
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