Translation of properties files

John Dennis jdennis at
Fri Aug 21 08:51:35 EDT 2015

On 08/21/2015 03:55 AM, Lukas Hämmerle wrote:
> Hello all
> An increasing number of our IdPs are now deploying v3. Most of them
> would like to provide localized login/consent/ToU pages. Some of them
> already translated some of the content of the default properties file
> (authn-messages, consent-messages, error-messages -> ~ 130 strings).
> Is there a place or a way how such translations could be shared in an
> official/unofficial way to save other IdP admins some translation work?
> Most deployers will want to adapt the text on their login pages. So, one
> could argue that the default locales as well as unofficial locales would
> be modified anyway. But still, providing/sharing some such translations
> might save people some work as changes probably would affect mostly
> organisation/federation name.
> This topic already has briefly popped up in the thread "Consent Wording"
> and Scott mentioned that one way would be to host unofficial
> translations on the wiki. So, would that be what the project recommends?
> One disadvantage of the Wiki-approach might be that adding/changing
> default (English) strings would quickly bring the other translations out
> of sync without some diff/notification. Therefore, some hosted solution
> (my search queries led for example to could be an
> option.

The open source world I inhabit seems to be converging on the Zanata 
translation portal after a fling with Transifex which went proprietary. 
A lot of projects have their translations hosted at Zanata now.


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