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On 21.08.15 14:51, John Dennis wrote:
> The open source world I inhabit seems to be converging on the Zanata
> translation portal after a fling with Transifex which went proprietary.
> A lot of projects have their translations hosted at Zanata now.

I haven't heard about that one but it definitely looks promising. If I
understand this correctly, this is an open source product as well as a
(free?) hosted service?

I just spent a bit of time having a look at which
I found today. It's a paid hosted service but is offered for free to
(approved) Open Source projects. Just for a test I added the strings
from,, in a project and added some German/French
translations we got from our community.
The user interface is quite intuitive.

If somebody wants to have a look (requires an account... and it's not
federated) at this "Shib IdPv3 Test" translation project I created:
(that link probably will vanish sometime).

Generally, I think it would be quite helpful and time-saving for the
many deployers out-there if there was an official (or at least
inofficial) repository of translations for IdPv3.

The 39 languages that SimpleSAMLPHP has strings for (23 langauges have
more than 70% translated according to [1]) are quite impressive given
that these translations also were provided by the community. And I would
assume Shibboleth has a larger community than SimpleSAMLPHP.

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