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Fri Aug 21 03:55:39 EDT 2015

Hello all

An increasing number of our IdPs are now deploying v3. Most of them
would like to provide localized login/consent/ToU pages. Some of them
already translated some of the content of the default properties file
(authn-messages, consent-messages, error-messages -> ~ 130 strings).

Is there a place or a way how such translations could be shared in an
official/unofficial way to save other IdP admins some translation work?

Most deployers will want to adapt the text on their login pages. So, one
could argue that the default locales as well as unofficial locales would
be modified anyway. But still, providing/sharing some such translations
might save people some work as changes probably would affect mostly
organisation/federation name.

This topic already has briefly popped up in the thread "Consent Wording"
and Scott mentioned that one way would be to host unofficial
translations on the wiki. So, would that be what the project recommends?

One disadvantage of the Wiki-approach might be that adding/changing
default (English) strings would quickly bring the other translations out
of sync without some diff/notification. Therefore, some hosted solution
(my search queries led for example to could be an

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