IdPv3 with JAAS/JDBC authentication

Michael A Grady mgrady at
Wed Aug 5 13:41:49 EDT 2015

Has anyone set up JDBC via JAAS authentication with v3? I know there is the page in the docs on it:

and, if I look at the jetty-base that one can find in the IdP distribution, I can see the following settings:

/start.ini: # Initialize module jaas
/start.ini: --module=jaas
start.d/idp.ini: # Path to JAAS config
start.d/idp.ini: jetty.jaas.path=conf/authn/jaas.config
webapps/idp.xml:     <Arg><Property name="jetty.jaas.path" /></Arg>
webapps/idp.xml:        <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.JAASLoginService">

Which (not surprisingly :-) seems to align well with the Jetty documentation on using JAAS:

Presumably I want to use the 	org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.spi.JDBCLoginModule, and use the above Jetty config and the related IdP config, and I should be set? No jars that need to be added other than the right JDBC driver?

Michael A. Grady
IAM Architect, Unicon, Inc.

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