IdPv3 with JAAS/JDBC authentication

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Wed Aug 5 14:20:16 EDT 2015

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>Has anyone set up JDBC via JAAS authentication with v3? I know there is the page in the docs on it:
>and, if I look at the jetty-base that one can find in the IdP distribution, I can see the following settings:

The jetty-base thing isn't related at all to the use of JAAS in the IdP.

>Presumably I want to use the 	org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.spi.JDBCLoginModule, and use the above Jetty config and the related IdP config, and I should be set? No jars that need to be added other than the right JDBC driver?

No, JAAS is an option in the password-authn-config file per the above link, nothing to do with the container.

If you're using the container for JAAS, that would be RemoteUser authentication in the IdP.

You do NOT need container JAAS to make ECP work. The password flow will auto-consume basic-auth.

-- Scott

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