HTTP Status 404 - /idp/status: Out of Left Field!

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Tue Nov 4 06:14:45 EST 2014

> >Is there a way I could redeploy tomcat from the windows installer, but
> >leave Shib IDP files  as they are?

Bad idea.   You should certainly not do an uninstall/install cycle, whilst
it *should* protect your shibboleth configuration there is evidence that it

You would be better to install a new tomcat instance (6.0.41) and copy the
specific configuration into it (from CaptiveTomcat6.0\conf: the files of
interest are server.xml and Catalina\localhost\idp.xml).  As you copy
server.xml you should review for it POODLE issues.

I know this is not as elegant as it should be.  This installer has moved
well out of its design space.  Things get much better in V3.

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