HTTP Status 404 - /idp/status: Out of Left Field!

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Tue Nov 4 06:40:42 EST 2014

> > >Is there a way I could redeploy tomcat from the windows installer, but
> > >leave Shib IDP files  as they are?

I got curious.  The answer is, yes, but you need to be careful (as well as
making sure you are backuped up &c &c)

- Stop the container ("sc Stop Tomcat6")
- Move the directory Shib2IdP out of the way (do not copy since you will
destroy the ACLS) (this preserves the shibboleth bit)
- Uninstall the QI
- Delete any remaining files in the tree (for hygene)
- Reinstaller
- Stop tomcat again
- Delete the new Shib2IdP directory and replace with the one you saved
- Start tomcat ("sc start tomcat6").

I would advise that nonetheless you look at server.xml for POODLE

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