ODBC (MySql) session storage

Kristof Bajnok bajnokk at niif.hu
Fri May 23 00:02:55 EDT 2014

On 2014-05-22 18:27, Cantor, Scott wrote:
>> We've been trying it for weeks now, but after seemingly working for a
>> couple of requests, then on one node shibd segfaults [1], and oddly the
>> session gets invalidated on all hosts (whose shibd survive). It seems
>> that a segfault only occurs if multiple hosts are used concurrently, but
>> unlike [2], it's very frequent, a crash can be reproduced with a dozen
>> page loads.
> Pending seeing an actual stack trace, it's still a very good bet that this
> is yet another broken ODBC driver.
> I say that because I have numerous reports of the plugin working reliably
> on other versions of ODBC driver manager and driver, and that tells me
> it's unlikely to be a bug in the plugin.

Yeah, I'd better asked if anybody had a working setup with *mysql*
(odbc) and Debian 7. If yes, please raise your hand. Maybe anyone with

I also suspected from the segfault that it's not shibd code, that's why
I haven't bothered to grab a backtrace, which is not trivial on a prod
system. (We have a temporary workaround to direct all the Shib sites to
just one node, that has odbc switched off, so we are free to crash the
shibds on the other ones.)


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