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Kevin Foote kpfoote at
Wed Apr 2 15:09:12 EDT 2014

On 4/2/14, 11:42 AM, "Philip Durbin" <philip_durbin at> wrote:

>I'm interested in adding Shibboleth SP to the Apache httpd that comes
>bundled with my Mac.
>I just found* a wiki page at
>that has some very helpful information but it looks like it hasn't
>been updated in four and half years.
>Can anyone please give me a sense of running Shibboleth SP on Mac?
>Good idea? Bad idea? Easy? Hard?
>This is for (another, non-OIOSAML) attempt at adding Shibboleth
>support to an app (Dataverse) as I posted about originally here:
>Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!
>p.s. If someone is working on a homebrew recipe, please let me know!
>MacPorts is mentioned on that wiki page but these days use `brew
>install` whenever I can. Interestingly, `brew search | grep shib`
>shows me log4shib:
>p.p.s. Recent thoughts of mine on Shibboleth SP (especially vs.
>OIOSAML), if anyone's interested:
>p.p.p.s. Weird that mod_ssl doesn't "just work" by default on Mac (
>and ) ... I'm too used to Linux!
>Bonus question: Should I download a LAMP stack instead of using the
>bundled httpd on Mac?
>* via which starts with "Setting up
>Shibboleth has been one of my worst experiences in recent memory." :(
>... on RHEL/CentOS it's so easy with yum! :)

No experience at all in running the SP on OSX.

However, If it were me I would put my effort into setting things up on a
system similar to what your production environment would look like. IE: if
production is running on Linux / Glassfish combo then that is what I would
be focusing on setting up. That way you focus on making your stuff work
rather than getting bogged down with idiosyncrasies of a fringe case.

Vmware player or Virtualbox are your friends these days.

Probably not what you were after but. HTH


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