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Philip Durbin philip_durbin at harvard.edu
Thu Feb 7 11:02:20 EST 2013


I just joined this list because I'm starting to think about how to
integrate Shibboleth into an open source Java EE app I work on:
Dataverse Network ( http://thedata.org ).

In the message below, I'm inviting the Dataverse Network community to
participate in a publicly logged IRC meeting about Shibboleth and I
would like to extend this invitation to the Shibboleth community as

I'm new to Shibboleth... still at the "proof of concept" stage:

As I understand it, my webapp will be a Service Provider (SP), which I
hope isn't too tricky since we use Glassfish rather than Apache. Time
will tell.

While I'm writing... a couple other things...

Would the Shibboleth community be interested in a publicly logged IRC
channel? I can send in my bot if you'd like. :)

I have OAuth and OpenID accounts to play around with but I've never
actually used a Shibboleth account before. I'm aware of
http://testshib.org and I'm using it to test a bit, but is there a
place where I can sign up for a free test Shibboleth account and some
Shibboleth-enabled services I can sign in to? Just for testing... to
get a feel for what the user experience is like, I mean.

At least one institution that runs our webapp already has Shibboleth
in production so I'll definitely be soliciting their opinion on how
they think the integration should be implemented.

Thanks for you kind attention!


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Subject: Shibboleth/Dataverse Network integration
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Dear Dataverse Network Community,

I will be hosting a public meeting in #dvn on irc.freenode.net about
how best to integrate Shibboleth into the Dataverse Network code base
on Wednesday, February 13 at 2pm EST. Logs will be available at

I'm writing to invite all interested parties to participate!

As http://shibboleth.net says, "Shibboleth is among the world's most
widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to
applications both within and between organizations."

If you're familiar with OAuth or OpenID, Shibboleth is somewhat
similar. If all goes well, (someday!) Dataverse Network administrators
will be able to choose to have their users authenticate against
Shibboleth rather than local passwords stored within a Dataverse

There are many details to work out, and I'm sure it will take more
than one meeting, but this will be the first. :)

The agenda will be:

- summarizing how authentication works in a Dataverse Network today
- reaching a common understanding of what Shibboleth is
- roughing out a plan for how to integrate Shibboleth into the DVN
- discussing implications of Shibboleth integration

I'll post a summary to this ticket after the meeting:

I hope many of you are able to participate, bringing opinions and
expertise. Since I'm relatively new to Shibboleth, you can have a big
impact on how the integration with DVN is implemented! The easiest way
to join the meeting will be via



p.s. Here's the permalink for the meeting in the unlikely event it
needs to be rescheduled:


Philip Durbin
Software Developer for http://thedata.org

Philip Durbin
Software Developer for http://thedata.org

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