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Philip Durbin philip_durbin at
Wed Apr 2 20:08:01 EDT 2014

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Kevin Foote <kpfoote at> wrote:
> No experience at all in running the SP on OSX.
> However, If it were me I would put my effort into setting things up on a
> system similar to what your production environment would look like. IE: if
> production is running on Linux / Glassfish combo then that is what I would
> be focusing on setting up. That way you focus on making your stuff work
> rather than getting bogged down with idiosyncrasies of a fringe case.
> Vmware player or Virtualbox are your friends these days.

Heh, you sound like this guy:

And like someone on an internal list (who's also on this list and
knows who she is). :)

And like this guy (but see how I convinced him that moving a whole dev
team to Vagrant or whatever is a significant undertaking):

I'm into Vagrant and want to try Docker so I may well try something
like this some day. It's a whole thing though. And my team isn't used
to it. We'll see. Thanks for weighing in.


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