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We did it at Hopkins for Paystubs a few years ago, and have finally started to move away from them. They are incredibly difficult to work with (as Michael described), and have zero fault tolerance if things don't match up exactly the way they expect it (i.e. if you send one single attribute in the assertion that they aren't expecting, it breaks completely, rather than just ignoring it like other SP's do). Like Michael said, I wouldn't recommend working with them if you have another option. We are in the process of moving everyone over to our SAP implementation that now has an Employee Self Service module that shows them their paystubs.

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We tried to use ADP.  They want $5K for initial setup.  You pay by the user each month for federated access.  They refused to join InCommon.  Their legal agreement took significant work on the part of CMU to help them understand liability as they wanted to use federated access as a reason to push ALL liability for their service onto us - yes, this is true.  We believe we got them to understand where liability sits in a federated world but we are unsure if they learned this lesson just for CMU or more broadly.  In the end, after 1 year of trying to make it work with them we decided to skip the continued level of effort given our impending move to WorkDay.  IMHO, for an org as small as UCAID, I wouldn't recommend the cost (money as well as effort).


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> We used ADP for the tail end of payroll processing. We used a SAML login to view pay stubs and W2's.
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>> Hi,
>> Has anyone integrated their IdP with We have ADP time reporting at work but the login interface is not SAML-enabled. I heard that ADP has a SAML-enabled login interface. Is that true? (there is nothing on the ADP web site to indicate this is true, however)
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