ADP integration

Steven Carmody Steven_Carmody at
Mon Nov 12 09:38:09 EST 2012

On 11/12/12 9:03 AM, Michael R. Gettes wrote:
> We tried to use ADP.  They want $5K for initial setup.  You pay by
> the user each month for federated access.

I don't remember that being the case for Brown. When we started doing 
this there were already several schools that were not IC members that 
were already using SAML with ADP.

> They refused to join
> InCommon.

that was also our experience. we couldn't get them to join.

In addition.. ahhhh, how to say this in a non-pejorative fashion -- 
there seemed to be a lot of staff turnover on their side. As a result, 
it took considerable effort on our part to find THE person at ADP with 
SAML clue.

Note that following our move to Workday we no longer use ADP.

> Their legal agreement took significant work on the part of
> CMU to help them understand liability as they wanted to use federated
> access as a reason to push ALL liability for their service onto us -
> yes, this is true.  We believe we got them to understand where
> liability sits in a federated world but we are unsure if they learned
> this lesson just for CMU or more broadly.  In the end, after 1 year
> of trying to make it work with them we decided to skip the continued
> level of effort given our impending move to WorkDay.  IMHO, for an
> org as small as UCAID, I wouldn't recommend the cost (money as well
> as effort).

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