Problems trying to compile log4shib

Jose Lopez Lujan jm.lopez at
Mon Jan 16 14:09:03 GMT 2012

Hi Scott, 

Thanks for your help. I'll definitely try that, makes a lot of sense,
because in fact I read a couple of sources highlighting libtool issues.

I'll keep you posted and thanks again.

Jose Manuel Lopez Lujan
Senior LMS  Coordinator
University of Toronto

On 12-01-13 5:29 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> wrote:

>I refreshed my memory using my test host, and it's definitely the case
>that Solaris builds 32-bit by default even when the kernel is 64, not as I
>So I would guess that a 64-bit build hasn't really been attempted widely
>and you're perhaps running into libtool bugs in that area. If you're dead
>set on Solaris (I'd reconsider, your time is probably worth something to
>you and Linux just works) and 64-bit, you may need to try regenerating the
>autotools and libtool files from scratch on the host using the latest
>autotools and libtool. It might work. If there's a specific bug in libtool
>we can identify, then it becomes a matter of determining if I can generate
>future tarballs using a fixed version.
>-- Scott
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