Problems trying to compile log4shib

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Jan 13 22:29:33 GMT 2012

I refreshed my memory using my test host, and it's definitely the case
that Solaris builds 32-bit by default even when the kernel is 64, not as I

So I would guess that a 64-bit build hasn't really been attempted widely
and you're perhaps running into libtool bugs in that area. If you're dead
set on Solaris (I'd reconsider, your time is probably worth something to
you and Linux just works) and 64-bit, you may need to try regenerating the
autotools and libtool files from scratch on the host using the latest
autotools and libtool. It might work. If there's a specific bug in libtool
we can identify, then it becomes a matter of determining if I can generate
future tarballs using a fixed version.

-- Scott

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