Running Shibboleth SP in Kubernetes

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Hi Spencer,

We also run shib in k8s for different applications, e.g. webwork and JupyterHub (we used to do it with Moodle but migrated to a plugin to simplify the architeture). The approach we took is focused on scalability and HA. We are using shared DB for session storage and separate deployment for apache and Shibd. When having multiple apache and Shibd pods, we don't have a single point of failure. Also we can scale them independently. 

Here is the repo for our Shibd container: <>
And charts for webwork as an example: <>

Hope it helps.


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> Just wondering if anyone here has deployed the SP into Kubernetes. Right now we are deploying onto a Debian instance in AWS EC2. I guess one option is just to make a fairly heavyweight container that replicates that deployment. But I’m interested to hear if anyone has come up with a more “Kubernetes native” implementation.
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