Running Shibboleth SP in Kubernetes

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Fri Sep 2 18:12:02 UTC 2022

Just a brief note for Peter and others who probably have the same confusion. Kubernetes introduces a couple of new abstractions to the “docker” world: Pods and Nodes. A Pod is a related group of containers, all running on the same Node (“physical” machine) that share an IP address and can share storage as well. So, yeah, they are definitely running on the same “host”. (This is the TL;DR version – there is a lot more that it can do.)

A humorous introduction:


On 9/2/22, 10:01 AM, "users" <users-bounces at> wrote:

(Either you put httpd and shibd in one container together with a
process manager or you separate them and then find ways to re-connect
them; the shared socket approach prevents sharing of containers across
hosts[1], though, AFAIK, but I'm sure k8n has methods to ensure they
always stay together?)


[1] Or whatever the term is for a system running containers.

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