MFA - Targeted login flow 'authn/privacyidea' is not configured, check available flow descriptors

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Oct 24 12:40:24 UTC 2022

* Simon Kainz via users <users at> [2022-10-24 13:43]:
> I followed the instruction on the privacy ide plugin installation
> (

You're using the instructions for SimpleSAMLphp to configure your
Shibboleth IDP? You must be well-versed in reading between the lines,
then! ;)

FWIW, the most promising (AFAICT) integration between the Shibboleth
IDP and privacyIDEA is currently this plugin from Free University of
The source code for that plugin may not have been published, yet, but
obviously this needs to happen at some point and the code should
ideally be transferred over to the Shibboleth project for maintenance
and stewardship, once things stabilize.

(The only other thing I recall is/was this: )

> opensaml::BindingException at (https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//Shibboleth.sso/SAML2/Artifact)
> Unable to resolve artifact(s) into a SAML response.

May not have anything to do with this but why would you be using
Artifacts (and not HTTP-POST or HTTP-POST-SimpleSign) betweent the
Shibboleth SP and IDP?


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