MFA - Targeted login flow 'authn/privacyidea' is not configured, check available flow descriptors

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Oct 24 12:28:39 UTC 2022

What you pointed to is a SimpleSAML extension, not a Shibboleth one.

>    WHere/how can i find out how to "configure" it properly?

An older configuration would have to have had the necessary flow descriptor added to the list of beans in general-authn.xml. If it were upgraded, that file would still be there and still be used to define that flow (and likely all the others from the original releases).

A non-upgraded IdP of recent vintage will not have that file and would expect a compatible plugin to declare the necessary bean internally instead of relying on the deployer to add it, or require that it be defined stand alone somewhere else so that it gets registered.

-- Scott

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