Error 404 when saving IdP Entity ID in NetApp

Matt Swann mswann090 at
Fri Oct 7 11:13:06 UTC 2022

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the help. I just wanted to provide an update. All of the
errors are cleared in the logs and it's only info messages at this point. I
unfortunately am still getting a 404 error when trying to navigate to the
EntityID within a browser. Also, when I try to add the EntityID within
NetApp I get an error saying it can't receive the IdP metadata.

Is it possible this could be a port issue within the firewall given your
experience? I'd have to submit a request to that specific team to make sure
the correct ports are open. Before I do that, is there anything else you
might know that could cause this issue?

Thanks again!


On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 6:52 AM Peter Schober via users <
users at> wrote:

> * Matt Swann <mswann090 at> [2022-09-26 18:32]:
> > Thank you sir, please see below for the metadata-providers.xml. I removed
> > just some information about our .mil domain.
> $ xmlwf example.xml
> example.xml:104:4: unclosed token
> So there, in line 104 a comment is started and never closed.
> xmlwf comes with expat, if you find a package of that for your OS.
> Or you copy the xml to a system where you can easily install expat,
> libxml2, etc. for checking of well-formedness and possibly XSD schema
> validation. (I.e., fire up a VM with Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu or
> whatever and install all the XML checking tools you can find. The fact
> you're running an IDP on MS-Windows is no excuse for not having any
> useful tools available.)
> While you (or your colleagues or precedessors) are certainly not
> making your life easy with that specific file (which is quite a mess,
> tbh) making sure XML is well-formed and sometimes also XSD schema
> valid (unfortunately) is an essential skill for working with SAML and
> Shibboleth.
> I.e., what Nate said.
> Best,
> -peter
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