Performance issue with 4.2.1

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Wed Oct 5 20:28:47 UTC 2022

We are using t3.xlarge and no significant spike in CPU while running performance testing.


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We are running our 4.2.1 IdP in AWS (SAML & CAS, w/ LDAP) with no issues. It is essential that you properly size the AWS instances (our tomcats run on t3.large). If you run out of CPU credits or IO credits, your performance will fall off the proverbial cliff. This can be seen in the metrics available on the AWS console.

John Pfeifer
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We currently have Shibboleth IdP 3.1.1 on-prem that is protected by CAS using remote user as principal. We are seeing significant performance issues with the 4.2.1 version deployed in AWS cluster and also in on-prem on a single server. Here are the numbers:

Please let me know if anyone has noticed performance issues with the 4.2.1 version of Shibboleth IdP?


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