Installing Windows IdP v4 on Server Core

Dave Perry d.perry1 at
Tue Aug 16 16:57:49 UTC 2022


This is a great help. I’m getting my hands on the new server tomorrow I’m told, so will give this a whirl then.

I agree that a 99% ready Jetty install (barring customisations for certificates and hiding the version number on error pages) is a massive help.


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>    Rod, FWIW, I'm clinging to hope that we can still install the IdP in
> Windows via command line/PowerShell with at least the bundled Jetty.

Our intent with V5 is likely to sever the installers for the IdP and Jetty, so that if, as one assumes, we do decide to keep providing a Jetty package, it's going to be separate so that they aren't being versioned together.

The other reason is to emphasize the pointlessness of the IdP installer, since the native zip is just more functional and simpler when it comes to unattended use. Whether that leads to actually just dropping the MSI for the IdP itself I don't know, but getting Jetty out of there creates options we don't have with them combined.

Longer term I would still rather shift to embedding Jetty anyway, which would then lead to dropping the Jetty installer, and if we get rid of both MSIs, everything is just much simpler during releases.

-- Scott

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