Timeout when requesting status page while metadata refresh

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Sep 3 12:00:31 UTC 2021

On 9/3/21, 4:40 AM, "users on behalf of Bergmann, Clemens" <users-bounces at shibboleth.net on behalf of clemens.bergmann at tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:

>    On the other hand if the status page is effected by remote metadata refresh timeouts how can I be sure that
> the rest of the IdP operation is not?

If there's an issue, and I don't really even know that there is, I think it's due to the lack of a backup file to get it at least spun up to start with. That is not a typical scenario and is easy to avoid by seeding a backup file.

>    Is the result a recommendation of not using remote metadata for sources other than Federation metadata?

That's always the case because it's pointless. That would be self-asserted, and that's just basically useless for trust. But it's not discouraged because of your concerns.

-- Scott

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